Why I Quit Pornhub For Good

Hello, everyone!

It’s been quite some time. While I’ve been active on my social media, clip sites and cam sites, I had completely abandoned my own website basically since its creation. But that hiatus I took ends now. Starting today, I’ll try to provide at least monthly updates on what’s going on in my life and my head.


Pornhub – probably the all time most popular site name in the adult industry. Even if you don’t watch porn and know nothing about it, you’ve still heard of Pornhub from people around you. Unlike many of my friends, I was late in the Pornhub creator game, and I deeply regret it. I didn’t join their creator program until around May of 2020. If I had known that things would end the way they did, I would have made a different decision by either not joining at all or joining way earlier.

Pornhub in 2020 was popping. After all, it was the beginning of the pandemic and more people than ever were sitting at home and masturbating their boredom away. On top of that – pandemic themed porn was in. One of prime examples I can think of is the video of my friend Layna Landry, called “Social distancing with Dr Fauci and horny quarantined slut“. It was pretty iconic, if I say so myself.

At the beginning of pandemic, we still had Pornhub Premium that paid us for views, as well as Modelhub which let us sell individual videos for a price that we chose. I still remember the days when my videos sold on Modelhub, and the site could have been a significant competitor to ManyVids. There was also a fanclub which I frequently topped up with new, sexy behind the scenes content and people could send us tips if they liked what they saw. Honestly, it was perfect. People could get a taste of our content by watching our free stuff and pay if they wanted more content. We didn’t need to link to external sites because all that we needed was right there. Oh, the good old days! Le sigh.

Then December 2020 came with TraffickingHub, and our income from Pornhub basically disappeared overnight. Mastercard and Visa no longer wanted to provide their services to Pornhub, and countless creators lost a good chunk of their income. While I was not hit the hardest because it wasn’t my main source of income, it still hurt. I was still new and growing on the site, and it was such a disappointment when it could no longer be a source of earnings for me. Sure, there were still free videos gaining some views, but they were only earning pennies.

It probably took me close to 2 years to realise that Pornhub won’t recover. It won’t ever be the same. And I saw no use in putting my content on a site that could give me back only pennies. I work hard to create the content that I do, and this just won’t cut it. I deleted my account, only to come back later on for promotional purposes. But, truth be told, Pornhub is dead. The traffic is not the same, the views are not the same and the money is pretty much non existent. So, what now?

I’m not going to delete my Pornhub account because I want to keep my name there just in case. However, I also won’t update it. I see no point in posting a video on Pornhub just to get paid 3 cents for it. I’m not kidding, it really is like that. So, if you love me and my content, don’t bother with Pornhub. Any other site I’ve linked here will provide you with a bigger catalogue of my creations.