I don’t know how else to say this, but I’ve lost my mojo in online sex work. I feel uninspired and burnt out. Usually, I would hide it and pretend that everything is normal, but I can’t do it anymore. It’s been weeks, if not months and every day I just sink deeper into this hole. 

I’ve had my core fetish video niches for many years now. I make piss content and pad fetish more than anything, with some exceptions here and there/ But lately I feel like I’ve been boxed into these niches, and I just can’t get out. If I make something that’s not one of the two or three core niches, no one will buy it. My fans are not interested in me experimenting with something new, and the audience who would be into this content simply can’t find me. (Thank you for fucking up discoverability on your site, ManyVids!) I feel tangled in the web of algorithms like a fly in a spiderweb. All I want to do is be creative and experiment more with my videos, but that’s simply not what sells.

On the other side, there’s camming. I’ve been camming on Chaturbate more or less consistently since October of 2020. First, I stuck to about 4 days per week, which dropped to 2 days per week with the decline of my mental health. I no longer put on super exciting themed shows for holidays or try hard with interesting prizes because the traffic in my room is no longer there. Despite being close to reaching 2000 followers on Chaturbate, I only have 10 people in my room at once during the best of times. And, don’t get me wrong, I love my regulars who stuck by my side through good times and bad. I love their support more than anything. But my cam fanbase has thinned out since 2020 which has made me reconsider if camming on a token site is truly worth it. I miss the times when a decent sized group of tippers were competing with each other and helping me reach fun goals. Now it’s no longer a thing.

I truly don’t remember the last time when I felt so burnt out in sex work, but this might be the biggest burnt out I’ve experienced yet. Of course, I still love to make customs and would love to do sexting sessions and voice calls when it’s possible, but the rest no longer excites me. I have been given a choice to either be myself and receive very little traction from my fans, or to do what’s expected of me and fall into the deep pits of depression because I feel so boxed in. And, when it comes to making this choice, I’ll choose myself and my happiness.

Does this mean I’m quitting sex work? No. At least, not yet. But I do need time to rethink my next moves and plan things out, so I’ll be taking a hiatus from making clips and, perhaps, eventually from camming, too. However, I will still be on the internet, focusing mostly on writing and a new job that I’ll be starting soon. It’s time for a new chapter where I don’t have to choose between money and being myself. While I did enjoy sex work for the longest time, at this point in my life I want to focus on my writing career because first and foremost, I’m a writer. I have shifted from a sex worker who writes to a writer who does online sex work. And I hope you can stick by my side while I make this transition. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

Some things you should know about this hiatus/transitional period: I will still be taking custom video requests and doing private shows with my regulars upon request. You might see some new photos and videos occasionally, if I feel like creating them. However, that won’t be a priority at this time. Thank you for understanding. And, as always, if you love my work and want to support me during this time, the best place to tip me is here.


Much love,